Etihad Regional Saab 2000

etihad regional saab 2000. do we need this in the game?? :)


If it’s an etihad plane, why does it have a Swiss registration!0? It looks awesome though!

Saab!!! We need these!

To be honest, IDK but i see them alot at my local airport GVA/LSGG

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Yes it is.

i recognise the red of the palexpo

Welcome to the community @35000_feet but in features you can only have one picture so can you please take yours down. Thanks:D

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It’s only one picture, split in four.

I mean overall in this thread there should only be 1 photo.

Ah got it, sorry

The airline was Darwin Airlines, then Etihad bought it or something. Darwin Airlines is Swiss.

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I think what happened is Etihad bought a HUGE stake in Darwin Airline and went through a huge rebrand so BOOM here we have EY Regional.

Why can’t you have multiple?

Forum rules.

Hmmmm thats a bit weird…

It saves space so the devs pay less.

Lovely airline

I like the Etihad livery on the Saab 2000. It fits the plane very well.

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