Etihad Pilot dies in Flight

This story is very very sad, an Etihad Pilot has died after becoming ill on a cargo flight to Amsterdam. Shortally after departure the 777, climbed to FL320 where the pilot became very ill. The first officer then makes an emergency landing in Kuwait and once the pilot got medical attention, the captain was pronounced dead. A very sad incident. And RIP to the captain :(

Here’s a link of the full article -


The exclamation point at the end of the title makes it sound like this is a good thing. Just putting it out there

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Wow can you imagine being the FO? Poor guy. He and the captain probably talked during the whole startup and during taxi and the captain was alive through it all and suddenly to lose the guy next to you…that was hard.


The plane diverted to Kuwait where a medical team saw to him. Clearly they were too late. Such a shame, at least he died doing what he hopefully loved!

He also had an Instagram, which I will find for you guys. I saw this on one of my stories.


What’s his Instagram?

Atleast he died doing what he loved.


How did the pilot get ill?

Tragic news. Prayers to the family and loved ones of this amazing pilot. :(

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The story is less than 12 hours old, so I think it is safe to assume either the cause of death isn’t known yet, or the information hasn’t been released to the public.

I’m so glad there are at least two pilots. May he R.I.P

Is that the Instagram of the deceased pilot or the FO?

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Yeah, because I was about to comment may you Rest In Peace. If that was the F/O tho

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That’s so sad :/ man

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Truly this is sad not only to Etihad but also to the pilots around the world…😞😖

I’m guessing it was a personal complication and not something to do with the Aircraft. But so sad.

Oh no! RIP you will be missed and mourned by the aviation community and many other people

Rip to the pilot, prayers to his family.

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Poor Man, hope his family is okay.

Yeah it is. Pretty sad, he has a lot of great shots on it.