Etihad Parks Up the A380, End of an Era?

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Etihad Parks its A380 Fleet

Etihad Airways is a carrier based in Abu Dhabi, and they are one of the most luxurious and highly rated airlines in all of the middle east. The airline has a fleet size of 10 A380 aircraft, as well as many other types.

Tony Douglas (Etihad CEO) has said that this is a strategic move and that the aircraft is “handicapped by too engines too many”, just moreover confirming that quadjets may no longer have a place in the future of aviation.

As more information is released I hope to update this thread.

What do you think about this?

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I think it was expected. Etihad is probably in one of the worst financial positions of the Gulf Carriers… End of an Era? No. Airlines like Qantas have stated that they may be bringing their A380’s out of storage early…

Great topic!


I love their A380s, hope they recover soon,
What happened to their order of A350-1000?

Same thing as Lufthansa…

Im with Adam on this one, indeed Etihad has ben struggling for the past few years financially, especially due to their effort to rapidly expand into the size of its brother carrier Emirates. The economic situation at Etihad does show some resemblance when JAL tried to tap into many markets all at once but then was faced with a near bankruptcy in the 90s as Japan whole economy fell.

The A380 on the other hand will stay, as I personally believe at the very least through out this decade much like the 747-8i will with Lufthansa, Air China and etc… Singapore Airlines if I recall correctly much like Qantas has also brought out their remaining A380 out of storage to be used in the coming years on their high demand routes, ironically Singapore was the first ever airline to begin retiring the A380, now that itself says the era may is closing on its final years, but years will be years and I believe that, with Emirates, the A380 will fly our skies for long time coming, even beside 777X, because if the economics works out, the aircraft will fly out (out to serve passengers that is).


I kept reading Middle Seat lol

it is so sad:(

Reading this genuinely makes me upset. I love the quadjets.

I don’t like the A380. But seeing that they’re being parked by one of their biggest operators and might not return to the skies is sad.

Emirates has joined the chat

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