Etihad new livery 777-300ER

Simply amazing


Not my photo


That is a nice livery but make sure that when you post a photo you give credit to the author! :)


It’s from a model website :(, can’t find the author

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Yes I would love this livery in the game😍😍😍

If I am not mistaken it already in the game

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EYs A321 is in the game in the new livery, not the 77W

Yes I have took notice of that but when I said that I meant it’s already in the game not for a specific plane,And if Matt could he might be able to put that livery on the 777-300

EY A321 has both new and old livery. Also the 757 has both AA’s

Why not first revamp the 777-300ER and then add new liverys… ;)

Seperate feature request ;)

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Is that A6-ETA?

I think so

It’s the same ID as the Etihad 77W we have already in IF except we’ve got the old livery

I prefer the new one, looks more awesome

Me too. Since they both have the same ID, would this mean that they repainted A6-ETA?

If so, I definitely think we should have it!

Maybe. They repainted a few

Yeah, that’s what it seems.

Bumping since another Air NZ is confirmed, why not Etihad

Confirmed on the new cover :3. Thanks FDS!

Thank goodness, we love you FDS!