Etihad may cancel or defer Boeing 777X orders

Etihad is considering either canceling or defering their Boeing 777X orders. This is due to weaker demand in their market as Emirates continues to eat up the demand from International routes to the UAE. In addition, Etihad’s investment strategy has failed with the collapse of Air Berlin amd the dying of Alitalia.

Opinion: Not good for Boeing as Etihad was a launch customer for the 777-8. However, this will not be close to a death blow for the program. Mainly as the cancellations are mainly from solidification of Emirstes, which is the biggest orderer of the 777X, as the main airline of the UAE. This will, however, be a headache for Boeing as they try to rearrange delivery schedules or find a new customer(s) to fill the gaps. It doesnt even have to be all bad either. As there is that possibility of it just being deferements.

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As it hasn’t been announced officially from Etihad, I would wait until we have word from them. 😉

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I’m sure many airlines would be more than happy to jump the delivery schedule and order ahead of other airlines.

I wouldn’t be shocked if they cancel the orders. Etihad just doesn’t have the demand for their routes.

Honestly, when thinking of the UAE, I think immediately of Dubai (even though Abu Dhabi is the capital,) so I feel it will be hard for Etihad to recover because the demand is massively in Emirates’s favor and that Abu Dhabi is overshadowed by Dubai.

The thing is, Emirates is known for their connecting routes. Etihad isn’t known for that quite as much. They are much more of a nonstop to Abu Dhabi or whatever. Their fleet just isn’t quite big enough for what Emirates has and they are just suffocating out Etihad.

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It wasn’t too long ago i heard about Emirates threatening to cancel the 777X orders but as for Etihad, they’ve experienced quite the economical dilemma here. As for their investments not going good and a total loss of US $2 Billion is not something to take lightly on.

The airliner has been hit over the past year by this decrease in economic profit. While also their investment in Air Berlin went crashing as well, making them lose hundreds of millions in US Dollars.

Although they’ve made loss over the past year, they’re still not considered to be in a crisis where they’ll go under. And Emirates dominating shouldn’t be a leading factor to their withdrawal. Since they haven’t announced this officially, i highly doubt that they will cancel as the 777X will give more range and opportunity to expand their route network. With the 777X they’ll be able to compete at a higher standard than today against giants such as Qatar, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and mainly Emirates.

Emirates and Etihad at the same time kinds goes hand in hand. Being from the same country and national flag carrier both, they’re crucial to the government in terms of economical increase, investment, sponsors and advertising.

So my conclusion is that even after being hit by this huge loss from last year, they’ll still go for the 777X, might decrease the order number but will still have them in their fleet in the coming years. As i believe the 777X will be the key to their success in the industry. Etihad is already a major players in the world economy, investments and sponsorship. Them bailing out on the 777X is not something they’d do just like that. Eventually the 777X will make it to their fleet and it will lead to a overall increase in investment in Abu Dhabi, which also is a world leading economic investment city.

But heyy, nothing is final so these are just my opinion :)
And surely and hopefully we’ll see 777X in Etihad livery during launch!

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