Etihad March Madness @ EBBR - 042200ZMAR17 (CLOSED)

Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam,Natherlands

Airport: EBBR-EHAM

Time: March4,2200Z

NOTAM: Join etihad for our march madness event! We will be going from brussels to schipol! Use any aircraft in our fleet with our livery! Callsign ETD Followed by 3 or 4 numbers EX:ETD305! Spawn at the gate and follow me! I will be lead aircraft! We will cruise at FL340 Following the flight plan below! Set your weight to normal and vs 3100! Go 10knts slower than the aircraft ahead for seperation other whise 360’s are to be made! Once i start descending to 10’000 descend as well with a vs of -2500! We will descend 100nm out! Use spoilers if needed! Once you reach cruising altitude of 34000 i will go mach .85.Go .2 machs below the aircraft ahead to avoid any conflicts. Thank you we will see you there! We need more etihad recruites by the way. -cpt_chris and the etihad staff

Parking 120:@Cpt_Chris
Parking 122:@Gavin_Hertel
Parking 124:@Avionics
Parking 126:@Samuel_48
Parking 134:@Binesh_Ashokan
Parking 136:@Neeson52
Parking 138:@GZhynko
Parking 140:@RAD_GAMER
Parking 142:@Liam_purcell
Parking 143:@Ryan_Farell
Parking 144:
Parking 145:milo_1404
Parking 146:Milen_Jacob
Parking 147:RedarPhel
Parking 148:athkioontheweb
Parking 149:Vacant
Parking 150:Vacant
Parking 151:Vacant
Parking 152:Vacant
Parking 153:Vacant
Parking 154:Vacant
Parking 155:Vacant
Parking 156:Vacant
Parking 157:Vacant
Parking 158:Vacant
Parking 159:Vacant
Parking 160:Vacant
Parking 161:Vacant
Parking 162:Vacant
Parking 163:Vacant
Parking 164:Vacant
Parking 165:Vacant
Parking 166:Vacant
Parking 167:Vacant
Parking 168:Vacant
Parking 169:Vacant
Parking 170:Vacant
Please comment below for a gate ;)

Airbus A321

Thank you and we will see you there! Ps its called march madness because we put allot of gates which will bring allot of planes and it will be pure madness ;))







Mach 2! I think you mean 0.2 mach



Those are quite some sharp turns

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Especially the first and second.

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Wow real sharp turns mate i think you need to make better one

Thanks for correcting me! M8

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Alright just a moment m8

No worries! Good luck on your event!

These have quite nice turns and aren’t as sharp.

Would you like a gate?

We’ll use that one then! Thanks aink

Hmm, I’ll think about it…

Sign me up please! 👍😉

Sign me up pls…

I’d lile to come amd join plz sign me up Sire. Callsign: QFA0376

A new flight plan has been made above!

I may come. Not sure yet 🤔🤔

I wil give you a gate anyway ;)

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If I had Live I’d come in an A321 😞 I think almost everybody will come in the 787, or the 777

*Mach 2[quote=“Aussie_Wombat, post:2, topic:97086”]
Mach 0.2
Lol 😜

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Can I please have Parking 138? I’ll show up in an A380