Etihad Livery Glitch

I don’t know why, but whenever I look at other players in a Etihad 77W the livery is messed up or glitched.


Is it just the “e” in Etihad that looks off?

It looks like it is

Clear the cache and restart the app, when I have livery issues this normally works for me!

Clearing scenery cache has absolutely nothing to do with liveries. This will not do anything to fix the issue. Please make sure the information you are providing it useful and will contribute to the issue.


When i’ve had livery issues in the past this has worked and been advice that has been provided to me! No problem if you think it’s wrong as you’ve pointed out!

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Scenery cache has to do with the scenery and how it renders/loads up. That is it’s purpose. It doesn’t do anything to aircraft or liveries. Read below.

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See Laura’s comment below.