Etihad Choose UK and Singapore Airlines A380s - wrong "A380" font

While attempting to get a cool photo of the Etihad Choose UK A380, I noticed that the “A380” near the nose is in a completely off font.

That reminded me that the Singapore A380 also has the same issue, and I hadn’t reported it yet:

For comparison, here’s the standard Etihad A380, with correct titles. Also notice, however, how it has smaller titles than it should.

Device: Galaxy S10
Operating system: Android 12
Infinite Flight version: 24.2.2

Hey @AvioesEJogos, I’m confused about what you’re referring to. Are you talking about the thickness of the From Abu Dhabi To The World text?


That actually slipped right through. Great catch!

But I wasn’t talking about that. Here’s a real photo of the Singapore A380. Look closely to the font of the “Airbus A380” titles and compare them with IF. It feels as if they switched the Airbus font to some other generic font.


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That’s a tiny difference and I highly doubt it’ll be fixed soon. I think the devs will be looking at bigger bugs with the A380 or other planes

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Doesn’t hurt to report, does it? Guess my eyes are a bit too trained on livery detail after making liveries for over 3 years and watching a livery designer, Gianfranco “Panda” Beting commenting on some liveries. 😂


Huh, Boeing should hire you as the new lead quality control inspector since their current quality control is questionable

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I’ll pass the information on, although for something so insignificant and barely noticeable, I wouldn’t expect it to be a priority to change 🙂