Etihad Cargo takes delivery of new freighter to support growth

These guys are growing fast, and can now trasnport Horses!

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Lets remember the saying: “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”. I think this will happen sooner or later.


Why would they “fall” ?

Think of it as a bubble, they buy lots of aircraft because the period allows them to, the bubble pops, they can’t generate revenue, can’t pay for the aircraft, and need to severely reduce their size to avoid sinking.

Yea that is right but maybe they will generate enough to till the bubble pops.

Maybe, but they won’t be able to fill all of their aircraft should a new economic crisis come.
Also, if the oil prices go up, the ticket prices will go up too.

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This article is from March, maybe someone noticed?

Cargo is a gold mine, Especially when transporting dangerous goods.

Yeah, we don’t want your bombs, pancakes, Pringles and other whatnot in there!
(PS: The bomb part is a joke. I do not mean it to be offensive to anyone or anything.)

Understandable. People do transport munitions and yes, bombs so looks like life is a joke now

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