Etihad Boeing 777-9

This is another big airline which has placed orders for the 777x.

Etihad has ordered 25 of these next generation 777’s and 17 of them will be the -9 and 8 of them will be the -8.

  • Yeah I love it
  • It’s fine
  • I’m not a big fan

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Overall I think that this will be a great addition to Infinite Flight’s vast fleet of aircraft.

Please comment.


It looks great, but it’s gonna be a while before this plane is even thought about being added, they know nothing about the landing speed, physics or other stuff about the plane.


Just a heads up: You made this thread a wiki, so you may want to change it.

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Wouldn’t it be in the new livery?


I think he made it a wiki just in case someone finds a pic with the new livery ;)


All current Etihad aircraft are being repainted to the new Etihad colours, the 777-9X will definitely have the newer colours.

That one has the old livery. Would like to see it with the new one. :D

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Old but gold.


I don’t like it, it’s just not nice

What do you mean by “old”?

A350 all the way, the 777x comes out too far from now

@Blently I guess he’s referring to the livery.

Mmm i mean the livery 😆 .

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I would love to see this in Infinite-Flight

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Ok, we are in same page 😆

It’ll probably look great in the new livery though.

Of course I love Etihad’s livery (old and new) and the 777x but we have had so many Boeing request now, we also just got the new 787 and 777-200lr so I want us to move to Airbus and have one new Airbus plane or reworked plane until that happens I’m not supporting any Boeing request like this.

This aircraft would be nice to have in Infinite flight some day