Etihad B787-10 Greenliner Livery

I think this would be really cool to have in the game. Etihad painted this plane in this livery as a way to promote the company’s green credentials. I personally think that the 787-10 looks better in this livery so this is what I want in the game. So far the company has flown the GreenLiner from Abu Dhabi to Dublin, Manchester, and Frankfurt so far.

This is a picture of a 787-10 in the greenliner livery.

Photo credit is

This livery is great because it promotes the fact that the 787 is better for the enviroment.

Comment below if you voted or if you want to criticize something.

First off, nice feature, but you can only feature one thing, so it’s either the -9 or the -10.

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looks like a great livery! Looks more blue than Green though…


I know that but Etihad calls it the greenliner so thats what i put here.

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Is it better now?

yes, if you change the title to “Etihad 78X Greenliner Livery” it will better.

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Ok finished anything else?

It would be better to put the title like this.

Etihad B787-10 Greenliner Livery

Btw nice feature request

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Only thought it was 1?

Sorry i messed up i changed it to only 78X

Thanks I am going to change it to what you said but this is the last time im changing the title.

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I meant 1 of their planes is in the Green livery

That is a GORGEOUS livery that! Those shades of blue are my all time favorite colors. You’ve got my vote😉


no Etihad has painted 30 787-10s in this livery.

Where did you find that?

I think there’s only one

Thanks I love this livery also I think it just looks amazing.

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30 in that Green livery?

Yes I found it in the March/April 2020 edition of Airliner world.

And Etihad has gotten 38 out of an order for 30 787-10s and 41 787-9s.

Uve said they have painted 30 78Xs in this livery