Etihad B777-300ER 20.2 Beta

I decided to fly the the Reworked B77W for the first time today from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai, and to my experience, I love it. I did not expect it to run on my device, but it did. So I also decided to share my flight with the IFC.

Flight details
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (Etihad Airways)
Flight Time: 2:38 Hrs
Server: Expert Server

Taking off from Abu Dhabi International Airport

Climbing to FL350 via SID KANI4K

Cruising at FL350

Descending Via KETO1C arrival to Mumbai

Landing At VABB

Crossing RWY27 while taxiing to the gate

And finally a screenshot of the Instruments after arriving at the gate

Thanks to the Developers and Moderators for taking Infinite Flight to a completely different level.


Nice pictures dude! Well done!

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Thanks brother

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Those pics are stunning you should consider making an IF Instagram page. If you have one link it. So I can see more pics like those.

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