Etihad Airways "Visit Abu Dhabi" livery A330-300

One of the best livery’s I’ve ever seen


This is a mine!!

Looks cool

Definitely needed for the reworked A330-300

There is from this liviries more than one year
There is on the back of the plane 2014
There is from 2011-2016 liviries, all from the same plane(A6-AFA)

I love the livery! Purple looks really awesome!

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i saw her once at geneva, she is such a beauty!


This plane is ever in Geneva !

I was on board last year! ;-)

sorry what? i don’t understand

I mean that the A6-AFA is always in Geneva ;-)

Oh Jesus I love this livery and it should definitely be added.

like it…

Someone posted this just today so I thought I might bump this topic.
The livery is so beautiful! It’s such a majestic purple. It’s like the best colour you could put on a livery. And the tail design is so good. Definitely a yes from me!

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Yes please. It looks beautiful!