Etihad Airways Virtual!


Welcome To Etihad Airways Virtual! Here at Etihad our goal is to improve pilot skill whether it’s from takeoff or landing! From the moment you join to the moment of your resignation or retirment! You will have better flying skills as we offer a variety of training! We have one thing that very few VA’s have, which is a huge fleet at your desposal that each have our livery!

Airbus A321
Airbus A340
Airbus A380
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-10
Boeing 777F
Airbus A330F
Grading Scale:
Here at Etihad Virtual we have a total of six grades! As you have completed more flights with the VA the higher your rank. A higher grade means a higher rank in the airline! The higher your rank the more of our aircraft you can fly!

Trainee:0-25 Flights, A321
First Officer:25-55 Flights, A330F
Senior First Officer:55-90 Flights, A340
Captain:90-120 Flights, 777-300ER or 777F
Senior Captain:120-160 Flights, 787-10
Chief Senior Captain:210+ Flights, A380

Flight logging:
At etihad airways you’re required to log your flights in order to progress! Remember to log those flights to get that grade up! A flight logger will log them, we have a slack channel where you could specifically log flights!

Staff positions:
Co Ceo-@Gavin_Hertel
Website designer-@AppleOneGT
Flight Trainer-Vacant
Flight logger-@Captaink
Event Planner-Vacanr

Callsign:ETD Followed by three or four numbers of your choice

Hubs:There is only one hub for etihad virtual and that is abu dhabi airport which we will have once global is released!

Routes:Once global is released we will be flying realistic etihad routes with our main airport being abu dhabi connecting to all airports on the globe! Here at etihad virtual we dont assign routes, we let you choose what route you want to fly, Making this VA yours not ours.

Collaborations: Currently JetAirways @B747fan is collaborated with etihad virtual! We have our own alliance called Etihad Airways Partners! JetAirways, KLM,And China Airlines Is in The alliance! From now on we will only accept real world etihad partners.

I was granted permission by the @IFVARB to make this thread! And remember you have two options! For those staff positions join while you can before its too late! Our website is currently being constructed so if you want to join please pm me thank you -Cpt_Chris CEO of Etihad Virtual Airways


Good luck from BAVA.

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Thank you!!!

They are not operating anymore and i was granted permission by the ifvarb

Is there a website/sign up area?

Ok. Does need to be in VA in future pls

Nope you need to pm me! The website is under construction currently

Roger that! Expect a PM from me. ;-)

Best of luck from United Virtual!

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Good luck from Virgin Atlantic VA

Best of Luck from Jet Airways VA btw Jet Airways is a partner of Etihad airways in the real world

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Jordan 2 had been banned from etihad for life for sabotaging and banning our partner klm. Therefore the flight logger position is open to anyone. And from now on staff recruites are to have backround checks so this incident does not happen again! Thank you

I recommend contacting IFVARB with evidence to put @Jordan2 on the Blacklist for that.

By the way, good luck.

We will be looking into it, no need for a public roasting here :)

Didn’t mean it to be that way, sorry! :)


It wasn’t, don’t worry, I was just trying to avoid that happening :)


Thank you neo…


Our website is almost finished! We are still recruiting! Please join today for a staff position and to have priority gates in our etihad march madness event on 3/4! Thank you.

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I think this could be our Home Page background!
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Yes!!! It looks great!!!

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