Etihad Airways Virtual Recruitment! @ KSAN - 112100ZFEB17

Server: Training

Region: *Southern California *

Airport: Ksan-Klax

Time: FEB11’2017 2100Z

NOTAM: *Join us for our very first etihad event! We will be going from Ksan To Klax! Be there February 11th 2017 At 2100 Zulu! Please use any aircraft in our fleet which would be listed below along with the flight plan for our event! Please comment below for a gate! While we’re flying please maintain seperation! Go 20kts below the aircraft ahead of you! The aircraft leading shall maintain there best foward speed to avoid conflicts! We will cruise at 20,000" and stay below 250 while climbing to 10,000" to avoid any violations please! Thank you :) @Cpt_Chris and the etihad and jet airways staff!


Gate 01:@Cpt_Chris
Gate 01A:@PlaneGuy27550
Gate 2:@ajocjester3113
Gate 3:@anon80265568
Gate 4:@Rashid
Gate 5:@Binesh_Ashokan
Gate 6:Vacant
Gate 7:Vacant
Gate 8:Vacant
Gate 9:Vacant
Gate 10:Vacant
Gate 11:Vacant
Gate 12:Vacant
Gate 13:Vacant
Gate 14:Vacant
Gate 15:Vacant

Thank you! We will see you there! -Etihad


Here is the flight plan :)


Can’t come time will be 2:30 am in India


Hi there!
I’ll try and make it, but I have a busy schedule. Can you sign me up for gate 01A anyways!

Roger you have a gate

Thank you, see you there

I would love to come. Sign me up to a large gate as I will be flying the A380!

You have a gate!!!

With all due respect, Etihad Airways doesn’t fly into KSAN, so its not very realistic if that is what you’re aiming for.

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Its a fly in into los angeles not ksan! Our departure airport is ksan! So please read the notam before you make claims

I don’t suppose you could give me the flight plan details?

It is already posted above ;)

With all due respect, you spelled Etihad wrong!

A lot better than hosting an event for an airline that doesn’t even fly there, and does everyone on you’re VA respond as childishly?

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Do we need a specific call sign for this event?

If not I’ll be there as N496EF.

Look, I don’t want any trouble either, as far as I’m concerned I was trying to be nice and give you some constructive criticism, but you went ahead and mocked my comment, and in you’re latest one called me an “ass”. This is not showing the full potential of this VA, and I know the attitude can be better. Thank you, and I apologize for being a bit harsh.

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Thanks for the criticism… But no need to bash on my va… anyway the callsign is ETH Follwed by 3 or 4 numbers of your choice

Awesome I’ll put together a call sign.