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Welcome to the official Etihad Airways Virtual Thread

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Etihad Virtual is


Our staff members are our pride and joy of the VA. They ensure that everyone gets everything done. And have been handpicked by our Head Admin team. To ensure that they know what they are doing.

Head Administration

Chief Excutive Officer - @Amaar_Viqar
Chief Operations Officer - @Connor
Senior Advisor - @Levi_Burgreave

Administration Team

Chief Pilot - VACANT
Media Manager - VACANT
Route Manager - @fraspotting1

Want to apply for staff?

Well, use this link to apply for one of our many open staff positions!

Our pilot ranks are here to get the most out of our pilots. So they have something to work towards. Don’t worry, the first few ranks are easy to achieve, but for the over-achievers, the people who really push. There are ranks that accommodate that.

Regular Pilot Ranks
Rank Hours Required Etihad Aircraft Unlocked
Trainee 0 Airbus A320 - 200
Cadet 10 Airbus A321 - 200
Second Officer 20 Airbus A330 - 200F Cargo
Junior First Officer 40 Airbus A330 - 300
First Officer 60 Boeing B777 - 200F Cargo
Junior Captain 100 Airbus A340 - 600
Flight Captain 150 Boeing B777 - 300ER
Commander 250+ Airbus A380 - 800, Boeing B787 - 10 Dreamliner, Boeing B737 - 700 BBJ & Daher TBM 930
Elite Ranks
Rank Hours Benifts of Rank
Commander Coral 400 Custom Name Badge for Slack and IFC Account & Eligible for 1.1x Multiplier for all new flights logged
Commander Pearl 550 Custom Name Badge for Slack and IFC Account & Eligible for 1.2x Multiplier for all new flights logged
Commander Sapphire 700 Custom Name Badge for Slack and IFC Account, Eligible for 1.3x Multiplier for all new flights logged
Commander Diamond 850 Custom Name Badge for Slack and IFC Account & Eligible for 1.4x Multiplier for all new flights logged
Commander Platinum 1000+ Custom Name Badge for Slack and IFC Account & Eligible for 1.5x Multiplier for all new flights logged

Our capable and handy fleet is safe and reliable. They carry millions of passengers yearly to every corner of the globe. The active fleet is listed below!

Etihad Fleet

Airbus A320 - 200
Airbus A321 - 200
Airbus A330 - 200F Cargo
Airbus A330 - 300
Boeing B777 - 200F Cargo

Airbus A340 - 600
Boeing B777 - 300ER

Airbus A380 - 800

Boeing B787 - 10 Dreamliner
Boeing B737 - 700 BBJ
Daher TBM 930

Codeshare Infomation regarding Fleet can be found on our website

Our routes all over the world take our pilots on an adventure. From the reaches of Auckland, reaching out to the Megacity of Tokyo. Our routes and codeshare routes are here to give our pilots something to work for!

Route Map coming soon!

We use slack! With a large number of VA’s using slack, and our staff agreeing on slack being our communications of choice. We decided to use slack! An email link will be provided on approval!

If you have read the post, and gone I wanna join!, then read below to see our requirements and our application form!

Applicant Requirements

  • Be aged 14 or above
  • Be Grade 3 or above (mature Grade 2 pilots may also be accepted)
  • Possess a legal PRO Subscription of Infinite Flight
  • Be able to fly for Etihad Airways Virtual at least once every ten (10) days
  • Be willing to provide a real and active email account
  • Be willing to join slack, our way of communication between Staff and Pilots
  • Be prepared to submit their real identity

If you meet the criteria, feel free to apply using the link below. We hope to see you onboard soon!


Note from the COO;

Thank you all for checking out our thread. The staff has put painstaking work into the VA to ensure that the VA looks the best it can. I hope you consider joining our little group of friends. And thanks for checking out our thread.

From our team to the IFC,

Merry Christmas, and have a safe and happy New Year!

Etihad Virtual is not or in any relation related to the actual Etihad Airlines, IFLLC or IFC


Can’t wait to see the future of this airline! Good Luck!


Glad to be apart of this VA!


Good Luck to Ethaid Virtual! Merry Christmas 🎄


Ahh, I see my VA wasn’t the only one to publish their thread on Christmas Day, welcome to IF Ethical Virtual.


Welcome back EYV…Have a good future ahead😉


Thank you for all the wishes guys. It is great to be back on IF !


Great looking thread!


Happy to see Etihad back up and running. You guys put a lot of hard work into reinventing the VA and I hope it pays off.



Thanks for the kind words Jake!

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Available Staff positions!

We are looking for mature, dedicated and well experienced individuals for the following posts in Etihad Virtual:

  • Digital Marketing (Media) Manager
  • Routes Manager
  • Event Manager

If you are interested and think you have what it takes to join this fast growing VA, feel free to apply using the link below. Expect a response within 48 hours.

Apply here!

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We are happy to announce codeshare partnerships with 8 IFVARB approved VAs !!! Head over to the ‘Our Partners’ section on our website to find out more!

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Are you guys still open?

Hi @rubinedan! Yes we most certainly are open.

Applied as a Routes Manager :)

Looks gr8
We’re happy to be alliance partners with u #LYVA

Sorry to interrupt…but I submitted an application and I don’t know if y’all are active or not.

Please message a staff member or the VA account directly next time. Replies like yours are quite pointless for the public to view and clog up VA threads which is exactly what they don’t want.

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