Etihad Airways VA?

There was an etihad airways VA but they ceased operations i would like to restart it but i need the vote of the community[poll]

  • Yes restart etihad airways va
  • I dont care
  • No i dont want etihad airways as a va
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Just do it :) no need to ask us.

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Rojer that hopefully i get far and do better than the last etihad

You have my authorization to to go ahead. Take your time! Be sure to secure IFVARB approval before going ahead with the thread.


Make sure you meet all the necessary requirements (can be found here ), make the airline detailed (don’t just rush to put it together) and then present it to @NEO and @Ben_Schenk over at the IFVARB.

I’m right here, you know… in case you didn’t see my last two detailed posts on joining the team and the IFVARB Constitution. :|

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Sorry lets get to it right now

Lol sorry about that ;) but aren’t Ben and NEO the ones to contact when you are presenting the VA, and then they pass it on to you guys?

No. Ben, Neo, and I are part of the administrative team. The rest are the board members who grade and judge VAs.

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Ok ok, didn’t know about that. My apologies!

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