Etihad Airways (new livery) Airbus A321 UAE National Emblem Flag Colours appear to be mixed up

I know that this is not the best airplane in textures, but I seriously think that even at this level, the UAE flag colours in the national emblem after the text should be distinguishable to the same level as the Registration Text. It should be Red to the left, Green at the top, White at the middle (horizontal) and Black at the bottom.

Reproduced on: Apple iPad 3 and Apple iPad 2017 (which has the same processor as the iPhone 6S)


I think Global has to put on hold for this…

Seriously though, you’re right. It does looks like the colors are a bit misplaced.
I’ll ask and see if it’s a minor thing than can be adjusted, or if it’s something else causing this.


This shouldn’t be an issue with the upcoming release.