Etihad Airways Completely Removes The A380 From Its Schedule

Etihad Airways Completely Removes The A380 From It’s Schedule

Today we get some very sad news from Etihad Airways, they are officially removing the largest passenger jet ever made, the Airbus A380 from service. They have not announced this is totally permanent yet, but this means that we won’t be seeing their fleet for at least the next few years. This also means that the residence may never fly again. The residence is the largest “hotel” in the sky. It is sold as a seat, but it could cost up to $30,000, and it comes with multiple rooms. This is really sad news deviation of the street, and I hope to see the A380 back in the fleet soon.

Replacement Aircrafts:

  • Abu Dhabi to London will be operated 4x daily, with 3x daily flights being operated by three class 787-9s, and 1x daily flight being operated by two class 787-9s
  • Abu Dhabi to New York will be operated 1x daily by a three class 787-9
  • Abu Dhabi to Paris will be operated 2x daily by two class 787-9s
  • Abu Dhabi to Seoul will be operated 1x daily by a two class 787-9
  • Abu Dhabi to Sydney will be operated 2x daily, with 1x daily flight being operated by a three class 777-300ER, and 1x daily flight being operated by a two class 787-9

Quote From One Mile At A Time:

We don’t definitively know what will happen to these planes, though it does increasingly seem like Etihad’s A380s may not be returning at all, or if they do, that it would happen way in the future.


dang, another one bites the dust.

Whether you hate the A380 or not, you know it changed the aviation era.


Well, at least it tried to…


NOOOOOOOOOOO. I really wanted to fly on the residence. Sad that I most likely will never get to.


As grotesque as I may find the a380, I can’t deny that it paved the way for passenger comfort and gave airlines more options in the way of B&FC. Shame to see it go from EY.


It did. It was the first ever aircraft to have two full decks, along with a multitude of other feats. No one can deny that.

Sad to see the Etihad A380 being removed. It’s a thing of beauty.


nah not quite. It’s just the biggest and heaviest quad… And not even the longest!

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It did change it as a matter as a fact! Luxury travel to a new level. You could fit entire bedrooms and still hold 150+ passengers.

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funny how I don’t see this in any other aircraft, if a/some feature(s) is/are exclusive to very few aircraft, then I don’t think such aircraft changed the aviation…

Oh god, Etihad A388 is my most favorite A388 livery, now this is going away too…
Hopefully it comes back soon


Emirates, Etihad, Singapore :)



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ah, 77W has some suites which was starting to be implemented after the A380’s release, Some airlines have their 787’s also armed with luxury first class.

But lets remain on topic about this aircraft’s retirement :(


Just stop the simple fact is the technology developed for the A380 has not really been utilized in a ground breaking manner for the rest of the aviation industry. The A380 did not change the aviation market landscape. The industry has gone progressively in the direction of long and thin and point to point, what the 787 was designed for, technology with the A380 did not get widely implemented in newer aircraft because there was little need for it. Only the ME3 implemented greater luxury in their A380 but they also did similar initiatives with their 777s. When actually looking at the A380 with the facts the aircraft has not revolutionized, yet alone altered the aviation industry. It was a failure in the industry and even Airbus has acknowledged that. Set aside fanboy attitudes for a few moments and actually look at what an aircraft has done objectively before making bold statements like that, cause if they aren’t true it is going to be a major reality check.


Not too much of a failure I’d say. Airbus didn’t see COVID-19 coming when they were developing the aircraft. We’d see this bird flying for probably another decade if we didn’t have COVID-19 :) Unfortunately, airlines didn’t want such a huge aircraft for a little demand that we’d get from April to August. That’s why aircraft like the 787 and A320neo looked like a better choice.


Then, why did Air France want to say goodbye to their A380s in 2022 before COVID-19? And also why did Airbus announce the end of production before COVID-19? Admit it, the A380 was a complete disaster.

Not really a complete failure as you make it seem. Air France just wanted to switch to something more efficient like the A359. You also see the B747 being retired rapidly right now, I see no one saying it was a failure. Ut was a major success. The A380 is only being retired this year due to COVID-19


Yes, but the 747(-400s) are old by now and would be retired anyway… Lufthansa, for example, is on the verge of retiring the A380 and will still keep the 747-8…

It literally allowed us to afford flying…

In addition to the statements above that still doesn’t explain the announcement of the end of production before COVID-19…

You’ve fallen right into my trap

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IMO A380 is kinda a failure but it really isnt, I pretty much know a plane will be a failure if it doesn’t sell 100 planes (Boeing 767-400 for example) Correct me if im wrong

The 748 is 10 years old while the A380 is 15 years old :)

Again, it was an opening to luxury travel. Singapore, Etihad, Emirates we’re able to give people with more money a better experience and not have to fly on private planes and stuff.

I guess if you want to say you win, you can. I still don’t believe the A388 was a complete failure.

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