Etihad Airways B787-9

Looks magnificent!

Why is this beauty still not in IF?


It is just not on the -9 @mbmhwue148

Please add this livery for the 787 !!! Really looking forward to this one

More the reason to fly the 787-9 I think it’s beautiful

I mean on a real airplane

This is a very majestic livery!

Love the new Ethiad livery, would like to see this very much.

Beautiful shot!

Hope this can be added on the next hotfix!

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Or in the next update, although we have it in the 787-10, but I like it more in the 787-9.


I hope it’ll come like the KLM, British Airways and United Airlines 787-9

How do we not have this livery? It’s a must for the 787-9.

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its an amazing airplan and with the new livery wawoo i hope the DV will add .

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It would be so necessary to get this from the 787-10 to the 789

I agree! This livery is very beautiful.

Hope it gets added one day.

Such a shame they didn’t add this on the 787

the 781 doesn’t count ;)

Why on earth this livery is not in the 787-9? Must be in there!

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Yes it must, seen this all the time at Perth Airport. Would be really good to fly around once global starts up

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