Etihad Airways B777 engine problem

Hi everyone have you heard about the etihad aircraft at Abu Dhabi today …my dad was dealing with it as he is a controller at AUH


Can u give me a link to the news

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Where was the flight off to?

Sydney …look it the hyperlink it tells you

Wait it was not a A380?

I never said it was an a380…it was an b777

Because they usually used the A380 on this route

Not always

They do change aircraft eg when we fly frombristol to schipol to Abu Dhabi they either use the 787 or the a777

B777 not a 777

777 in the morning and A380 in the afternoon! I’m catching these planes later this year from Sydney, hopefully nothing like this happens…

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We’ll have to wait and see if they update the initial report to include the cause of the engine issue. Thanks for posting the story.

I just found out that my mums friend was on that flight coincidentally, she praises the pilots for their professionalism, and she’s unsure when she’ll get back to Sydney…


More problems with the 773 engines… I can’t believe it…

It can be anything from a snapped wire to a complete engine failure, the reports aren’t that specific.

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