Etihad Airways Airbus A330-300 ("Visit Abu Dhabi 2019" livery)


they are already some Etihad A330 features

Etihad A330-300

A330 Expo Milano

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to set some difference you can add more detail as some are quite old and old ones can be flagged

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I guess this is a different livery , you should mention Visit Abu Dhabi livery.

Do you mind adding some more details…
•Why only this livery out of all other liveries?
•Go into some Aircraft details…
•How Many aircrafts are painted in these livery…
•You can also go into history of the company…and gather some info.

They can be endless brings more energy into the topic …


Of course there are, and? Members can request whatever livery they want, if they havent already been requested.

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Furthermore, @elia_giudici, if I were you, I would review the guidelines of this category again. See the pinned topic in the top of the #features category, that pretty much explains everything you need to know prior making a request. Basically, you should add a bit more information in your topic, so that you make it appealing for others to vote.