Etihad A380 Lining Up For Take Off

Hello everyone, yesterday I took this picture at (LAX) Los Angeles, I took off from runway 25L, this was taken for a photo shoot no route this time, also I did some editing on the photo, please let me know what you think of this photo :)

Server: Casual

Aircraft and Livery: Etihad A380

Time: Evening

Thanks for stopping by to look at my photo, have a great day IFC and stay safe at home! ☺️


Wow! I personally think the Etihad livery is the best! Great pictures!


Thank you @Bill_Jones! Yea the Etihad livery is really nice, I like it to!

Beautiful A380’s!

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Great pic, love those A380’s

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Thanks @Franna ☺️

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Great job there, @Armani_B!
A tip: of possible, try to change the time so both planes have light shining on them, so they’re not backlit. And as for your editing, it’s subtle but good!

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Edit look Beautiful!

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Thanks for the feedback @Butter_Boi I’ll take that for next time 😉

Also thanks @LeonardIF18


Etihad Livery is so amazing…

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Personally, I’m going to have to choose for the livery on the picture: the new one.

Great pics, I love the 2 A380s, thanks for the epic pic!

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I appreciate it @Sashaz55 happy you like it!