Etihad a340 new livery?

I know Etihad plan to phase out all their a340s by 2017 but do you think they will repaint them with the new livery before then? (I hope so😄)

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I hope so, that would be enough to make me faint. They’ve already added the New livery on the B77W
not my photo


I hope they do!

I hope! The A340s are my favorite planes!


Me too. Always fly in it from JHB to JFK

A340-500 will not get that livery (to he retired in a couple weeks).

I would only imagine an A346 getting the new livery if the plane has a heavy mtc check coming up, which is unlikely. That said I could be wrong.

No way… A340’s are all retiring in both QR, EK and EY

The closest you’ll ever get is this Airbus A330 :)

Not my photo


I like the A330 anyway, I used to like the 737, but I have changed. The A330 is now my favourite. I searched this up and almost fainted, it’s that beautiful and majestic!

This is no ugly A330, it’s golden. :)

Is that Edinburgh?

don’t know, it isn’t my photo.

I flew on a new livery 330 from Dublin to Abu Dhabi

Sorry if you’ve already seen this picture, I’ve posted it before😄


Nice! I have a friend going on one, Abu Dhabi - Edinburgh.

That pic was in dublin😉

Yeah I know…


Etihad is based in Dubai now? Actually? I’m boarding their A380 LHR-AUH. AUH=Abu Dhabi

Etihad has and will be Abu Dhabi.

Not enough room for the slots and the egos of the two UAE based airlines

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Abu Dhabi seriously need another runway

Sorry 'bout that, changed it now.

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