Etihad A330-200 "Manchester City" Livery

No one Requested this? Really?

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Wow, that is truly an amazing livery!

Loving the blue color!

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Wow! Nice livery. Love the blue color.

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The color is outstanding!

Changed the photo to see the engine and Tail

Amazing livery!

I love this livery! If there are any other soccer players here or not it doesn’t really matter, do you know if there is an airliner dedicated to Arsenal or Real Madrid teams?

If only I could like this twice

I hate football but I support this just for the sake of having creative liveries as they sure do look more attractive and more liveries, WhyNot?

The second best special livery in my opinion, it should come with an A330 rework I love it!

Never been a big football fan, but I love the livery on that.

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Nice livery.

It’s nice but it’s Man City ;)

This is the old one. But the only difference is that we have our new crest on the engines. It’s a beautiful plane.

Love the blue, needs to be added!

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Stunning livery! Looks great.

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Wow that’s an amazing livery 👍

Yes there is, Emirates Airlines

AWESOME! That’s it - just “plane” awesome (See what I did there! Like plane as in aeroplane and plain as in… OK I’m sorry)