Etihad A320 (New Livery)

I think this livery is one of the best on the A320. This opens the possibility of doing short haul flights around the UAE when global come out.

What do you guys think?


I like it!😊

me gusta ;)


Damn it looks so slick on the A320


This is awesome,hope this is added.

Gotta love the new Etihad livery!!

Beautiful with the gold winglets.

This is great, where does Etihad fly the 320? - I couldn’t imagine short haul with ETIHAD

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Looks great, I would love to fly this livery, it all just works!

Compared to the A321 livery, which we already have, this looks amazing!

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Yes i like your idea about short haul flights around the UAE.(i will be mostly flying there in global).

Etihad looks wrong on the A321 and better on the A320, Jetstar looks better on the A321 than the A320 😂


On point Ed!

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Just like how AA looks great on the A319 and A321 with and without winglets but not so great on the A320.

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