Ethiopian Virtual |The New Spirit of Africa| Official 2021 thread

Ethiopian Virtual|The New Spirit of Africa| Official 2021 thread

Dear IFC, welcome to the new and improved Ethiopian Virtual.
Based at Addis Ababa
Approved Wednesday, April 28th, 2021



About ETVA (1)

Ethiopian Virtual is one of the first virtual airlines whose purpose is to allow pilots explore the Continent of Africa. As pilots progress through our ranks, they will be able to unlock new aircraft, routes, and ultimately adventures. We are unique in that we offer the ability to fly passengers while also offering cargo routes. The benefit? Doing in one VA what you would need two different virtual airlines to accomplish.
Ethiopian Virtual strives to provide a realistic experience for our pilots from our many ranks to the aircrafts available. ETVA pilots have the ability to enjoy a vast network of destinations and routes that ranges from carrying passengers to cargo. We focus on the inclusion of everyone and aim to offer a strong family feel to our members.
We simulate our real-world counterpart and have a large number of routes available to our pilots that takes them all over the globe. With the implementation of various codeshares within the Star Alliance in the near future, our list of routes is ever-growing.

Our staff (1)

The Founding Team
Position IFC handle
CEO @chazdawg8819
COO @AirbusDriver
The Supervisors Team
Position IFC handle
Events supervisor
Flight logs supervisor
Recruiting supervisor
The Managers Team
Position IFC handle
Events manager
Flight logs manager
Recruiting manager

Our fleet

Ethiopian VA is fortunate enough to have both commercial and cargo planes. Ranging from the DH8D to the MD11F. We offer 6 in-game aircraft with liveries and 4 generics ones.
Aircrafts with liveries
  • DH8D
  • B77L
  • B788
  • A359
  • MD11F
  • B77F
"Generic liveries
  • B737-700
  • B737-800
  • B77W
  • B789

Our ranks

Here at ETVA, we have 6 ranks with awesome rewards to keep pilots interested and flying.
  • Recruit: 0-30 hours, gets access to the DH8D and 1 charter per month

  • Third Officer: 31-70 hours, gets access to the B737-700 and -800, and 1 charter every 3 weeks

  • Second officer: 71-100 hours, gets access to the B77LR ,and 1 charter every 3 weeks

  • First Officer: 101-150 hours, gets access to the B77W and B77F, and 1 charter every 2 weeks

  • Junior Captain: 151-200 hours, gets access to the B788, B789, A359, 1.2x flight time, and 1 charter every 2 weeks

  • Captain: 201-300 hours, gets access to the MD11F, 1.4x flight time and 1 charter every week

Where We Operate

Join Us

Now that we have introduced ourselves, we hope to see you guys soon in our VA.
  • Applicants must be 14 or older.
  • Pilots must be grade 3 and up to be accepted
  • Applicants must have a valid pro Infinite Flight subscription.
  • Applicants must have a valid IFC account.
  • Applicants’ IFC accounts must be in good standing.
  • Applicants must not be on the IFVARB blacklist.
  • You agree to complete at least 1 flight hour per month.
  • You own a legal copy of Infinite Flight simulator.
  • You must have a valid email address.
  • There is to be NO profane, vulgar, sexist, racist, or other foul remarks made by any of our members or staff.
  • You must comply with all IFVARB / IFC /Discord / ETVA Regulations and policies.
Where to apply

Join us



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See you guys in the sky

Ethiopian virtual is only available to the Infinite flight users. We are not affiliated with the real world airline and we are not trying to make money or any profit. All logos are belonging to Ethiopian airlines.


Very nice thread!


Welcome back to operation ETVA! Great thread! Awesome staff! Great VA!.


Awesome thread!!! Glad to be apart of this VA

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Congratulations on the approval, Ethiopian Virtual!

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Super happy to see another African VA! Much love and best of luck to all of you!


Glad to see this come to life! Beautiful thread!

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Congrats, and welcome to the VA world ETVA! It was a pleasure to be a part of your review process. Wishing ETVA all the best for the future.

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thank you for the kind words @Aviation108 @Jason_M @Lucasaviation @CR3W @Rian16 @chazdawg8819 and @Suhas


I think imma join, really curious as to what this VA has to offer👀


happy to be one of the first pilots for the new and improved ETVA!


I agree man. Definitely cool!


Its a great privilege and an honor to be a part of ETVA!

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Just sent in an application and test! Excited to join this VA


Been waiting for this! Love seeing African VA’s coming in and introducing more routes within this beautiful continent!


Welcome back. Great looking thread!


FINALLY i been carrying african airlines on my back (i believe im the ony one who consistently does routes out of there easily im top 10)


Come on and join! We would be glad to have you! @haitianpilot44


Very proud to have started this VA, I’m sure it will bring more attention to African routes and more planes in the continent of Africa


Yea man i always show Africa some love sadly there is no Air senegal, Kenya, or air ghana in the sim but im very happy to finally have this va open (i inquired about it a year ago lol)