Ethiopian Virtual | A New Dawn | Official 2021 Thread

thank you you are a amazing pilot and we are happy to have you

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Great to participate in the FedEx Anniversary event.

Love seeing ETVA come out to support our codeshare and fly back home to our hub.


thank you @FedExVirtual for the amazing event!! we look ahead to more fun things

Elden ETVA coo

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Thank you very much for Joining us (@FedExVirtual) on our 1 year anniversary fly out. We had lots of fun and looking forward to what you will bring in the future!

@Stick_theLanding / Fly_fedex
Chief Events Officer for FedEx virtual

Nice to see you guys back! We wish you the best of luck, we’re glad to have a partnership with you guys!

Best wishes,
-Carlos R. (@Carlos_R)
United Virtual CO-CEO & COO

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We’re glad to be back! Took some time but under a new CEO, things are on the up from here!

Chaz M.
CEO of Ethiopian Virtual

just a reminder that all director and manager spots are open

Ethiopian Virtual New & Updates

» @ELDEN_PLATENBERG Promoted to Chief Operations Officer

Please join us in congratulating @ELDEN_PLATENBERG on his well-deserved promotion and welcoming him to the Senior Leadership Team! We’re very excited to have him aboard in this new capacity.

Elden has previously experience as staff in other virtual airlines serving as our Events Director & Chief Officer with a partnership VA. Elden has been one of our valued pilots while restarting Ethiopian Virtual. We are sure that he will do his best as our COO and will contribute to our community in his new role.

We look forward to see what Elden will bring to the table with his incredible experience!

» Our Newest Senior Captain’s:

ETVA is proud to announce that we have 2 Senior Captain’s amongst us here in the VA! Please help us congratulate them.

@AirbusDriver & @ariete

» @AirbusDriver Steps Down as COO

It is with great sadness, that We must report that dear AirbusDriver has stepped down from his position as ETVA’s COO. AirbusDriver has been by our side since we initially began Ethiopian Virtual.

AirbusDriver will remain as a member of ETVA as a pilot for the mean time.


come join us if your looking for a great fleet staff and people


Very diverse fleet and geared for pilots that want to fly…fly their favorite aircraft.


Ethiopian Virtual News & Updates

We have one update for you this weekend and it’s an exciting one.

Pilot of the month
Please help us congratulate ETVA 444 also known as @Mouse1_HEAVY on this amazing reward

In the last 30 days @Mouse1_HEAVY has logged 75 flights, 352 hours, 110,087 miles, carried 14,916 passengers, and has carried 1,281,373.00 KG

Happy landings

Elden ETVA 2


can we get to 150 members?

Ethiopian Virtual New & Updates

» Return of the ROTW

It is with great pleasure, that the staff of Ethiopian Virtual has brought back our Route of the Week, or ROTW for short! It is a list of special, and exciting hand-picked routes, provided weekly by the staff and offers a 2x bonus along with a featured codeshare route.

» Weekly Pilot Promotions:

ETVA is proud to announce that the following pilots have promoted to a new rank in the VA:

@Mouse1_HEAVY has reached the Senior Captain Rank
@Emmanuel_Mgilane has reached the First Officer Rank
@ELDEN_PLATENBERG, @BurritoLeo, and @Stick_theLanding have reached the Third Officer Rank

Congratulations to the members for their hard work for the VA!

» New Program Coming Soon!

Are you looking for a program in a VA that is different from the rest? A program that isn’t as common as ROTW, etc.

Well, we have a treat for you!

Launching December 1st, 2021, we will be launching the “Christmas Rush Delivery” Program! This program will have us flying our fabulous Boeing 777-200F and McDonnel Douglas MD-11F all over the globe, getting you your packages in time for Christmas! More details will come following Thanksgiving!


50 members anyone we can do it

Love it! Enjoy the flying and it has been fun completing the ETVA African Tour…48 airports


thank you

im a bit late lol

Ethiopian Virtual New & Updates

» New Program Starting Tomorrow

In preparation for the holiday, we here at Ethiopian Virtual have been tasked to help get packages all around the globe, so with the help of our codeshare partners, we would like to introduce the “Christmas Rush Delivery” program! Starting tomorrow, members can fly select routes and earn bonus hours on their pireps!

» New Codeshare Routes!

ETVA is proud to announce a new codeshare agreement with @Ryanair.Virtual! Effective immediately members can start flying the new routes available on our crew center!

» Christmas Photo Contest!

Do you have some amazing photos to share? And do you also want to win some cool prizes for the best photo? Then join in on the contest! Members who are in our discord, can upload some awesome Christmas themed photos of our virtual fleet, and the Top 5, get a chance at winning bonus hours and much more!

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love this va

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Very professional and fun VA to be a part of!

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thank you sir

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