Ethiopian Virtual | A New Dawn | Official 2021 Thread

Welcome to the new Ethiopian Virtual Thread!

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Welcome to Ethiopian Virtual! As some time has went on, so has some changes, as of recent we have had a CEO change, and things are only on the up from here! Here at Ethiopian Virtual, we are one big happy family that allows our members the freedom to fly whatever route in our database, and any aircraft in our fleet, regardless of their rank!

The Executive Team

IFC Username VA Role VA Callsign
@chazdawg8819 President and Founder ETVA 001
@Mouse1_HEAVY Vice President ETVA 002

The Chief Team

IFC Username VA Role VA Callsign
@open Chief Recruiting Officer ETVA 003
@Kronzicle Chief Flight Officer ETVA 004
@Gavin_Hinz Chief Program Officer ETVA 005
A message from the CEO - Chaz M.

Warmest Greetings,

Welcome to Ethiopian Virtual! We are glad to have you here as a pilot, and I hope you guys enjoy what we have to offer, which will range from our in-house and Infinite Flight Community Events to our upcoming Career Mode! There are plenty of programs to keep you, our pilots, interested along with the freedom to fly whatever route, with whatever aircraft, according to your rank and at any time you wish to fly! So, thank you, for being a pilot amongst our ranks here at Ethiopian Virtual!.

Warmest Regards,

We here at Ethiopian Virtual have a wide variety of aircraft in our fleet ranging from the Dash 8 to the MD-11 Freighter.

Liveried Fleet
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
Boeing 777-200LR
Boeing 777-F
Boeing 787-8
Airbus A350-900
McDonnel Douglas MD-11F

Generic Fleet
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-9


We also have a variety of codeshare routes that members can access upon receiving the rank of Third Officer.

Codeshare Partners as of 2021

Aeagen Virtual

Air China

Air Europa

Air India

Airbus Factory

China Airlines

El Al Virtual

FedEx Virtual


Philippines Virtual



TAP Air Virtual

United Virtual

UPS Virtual

Wizz Air

Ryanair Virtual

Ethiopian Virtual Rank Structure
Ethiopian Virtual has a wide variety of ranks for our members to strive for, to challenge themselves, and to make themselves a better pilot amongst the Infinite Flight Community. And with the rank system, no matter the rank, members can fly any Ethiopian Route and any Ethiopian Aircraft.

Recruit: 0-25 hours
Third Officer: 26-50 hours
Second Officer: 51-100 hours
First Officer: 101-150 hours
Junior Captain: 151-200 hours
Captain: 201-300 hours
Senior Captain: 301-400 hours
Chief Captain: 401-500 hours

Ethiopian Virtual Charter Program
Here at Ethiopian Virtual we allow our members to fly a route of their choice that is not in our flight schedule.

Wanna see your amazing photos spotlighted?
Follow our Instagram account @ethiopianva

Interested in becoming a member of Ethiopian Virtual? Click the link below to fill out an application and start flying today!



Nice looking thread!

Air Europa Virtual is happy to have a codeshare with Ethiopian Virtual.

GoodLuck with the relaunch of Ethiopian Virtual.

Founder & CEO
Air Europa Virtual


Thank You Jack! Glad to be a codeshare partner with you as well!

Chaz M.
CEO of Ethiopian Virtual

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Amazing looking thread!

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Very nice thread, best of luck for the future from all of us at easyJet Virtual !

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Nice thread!!!
But wait… where are we at? 😭

J Barroso

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My mistake! I will add you guys on there!



We are a proud to be partners with you guys! nice thread.

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good to know you guys are partners again

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Thanks man! Proud to be codeshare partners with one of the largest cargo VA’s around!

Chaz M.
CEO of Ethiopian Virtual

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We’ve settled all differences, and built our codeshare bond back, stronger than ever before! Love to see you back with us again :)

Chaz M.
CEO of Ethiopian Virtual


I just stopped flying but I’m on IFC a few times a week. Also nice on settling the differences, sad I wasn’t there to witness it myself.


It’s all good! When you do begin flying again, our doors are open to you to come back, sir!

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We welcome a new COO today. So let’s welcome him

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Come fly Ethiopian an amazing va

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Why should you join well…

Amazing staff and a great fleet easy to use website and fun events


come on lets do this thing

Hello! If there is anyone interested, and you are able, we as a VA would like to see you join as a member of our staff team! We currently have openings for all of our Manager and Board of Directors positions!

Chaz M.
CEO of Ethiopian Virtual

yes we do and we have fun

I have enjoyed myself in ETVA. It is nice to be apart of a passenger VA that I can pull from a schedule or just fly from a busy airport that is open by IFATC.

I love having the ability to have so many heavy jets at my disposal.

Glad to be apart of a great passenger VA that allows me to fly without having to deal w/ all the other things.

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