Ethiopian to Start Service to Texas, USA

Hi! Great news for Texan aviatiors! Ethiopian Airlines will be starting a flight, Accra-Texas. The airport in Texas is undecided as of now, however there are strong arguments for both sides.




  • Large Ethiopian Population




  • Large Oil Economy
  • Easy connections to other destinations


  • Smaller than DFW
  • Small Ethiopian population


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Ethiopian Airlines is starting service to Texas. You make your choice! Will Ethiopian fly to Houston or Dallas?

  • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

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Mhmm, Interesting, good on them though!

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I think they will fly to DFW because of the large Ethiopian community


All in all it’s going to depend on how much the landing fees and rental space are going to cost. DFW might be easier because of the Ethiopian population and it’s general area. The DFW metropolitan area is massive, which draws in more interest.


Houston’s metro area is larger than Dallas’. 9,444 to 9,286 square miles.

True but Dallas is known for its interest in new airlines, for a reason I’m not quite sure on. I think the Ethiopian population is going to win Dallas over though. When Qantas first began service to Dallas, that was huge. Same for Qatar and Emirates.


I guess it’s likely that they are going to serve DFW due to large Ethiopian population. However, IAH (as a Star Alliance hub) might be more likely if they are going to rely on traffic from other Star Alliance carriers (Especially United).

Many of ET’s partners in *A operates a route to IAH instead of DFW when they launch their first route to Texas (Like SQ, NZ)


Guess only time will tell which airport they will choose.

That’s a pretty crappy thing American

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American and BA codeshare on those flights. I wouldn’t call it suppressing but rather helping out BA and freeing up an extra aircraft for them.

Airlines like to monopolize on their hubs when able, it is just part of the business.

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I’m gonna say Houston

Which ever airport has the most demand, cheapest landing taxes, and so on in that case. With that being said I could see a partnership between AA and ET if this route was to happen. Congratulations to Ethiopian! They are a great airline. But SAA is still the best.

I’m also guessing Houston, plus I think this route is targeted more at business than tourism

Definitely Houston. Star Alliance, ‘nuff said.

Notice their American network:
IAD, LAX, EWR, ORD. All are hubs for United Airlines which offers trans-Alliance flight connections.


Poll disagrees but I agree with you

Looks like we’re gona start seeing aircraft we never see here that is across the world

Yes you guys will be also seeing air nz 777-300ER at Houston last few days due to 787 issues

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Can you explain why AA is pressuring a fellow oneworld partner to leave DFW?

The way I worded it made it sound agressive from the point of AA, it’s more of how @Kevin_Potthast said before, freeing up another aircraft for British Airways. British Airways will still technically leave DFW, but will still have code shares.

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