Ethiopian Territory - A350 Vibezz

America to Ethiopia

My First LH of the month; after having to cram in work and simply not having time and energy to do an overnighter but oh my was it a good one! Pondering routes and timings I decided on KORD to HAAB a 14 or so hour flight over some fantastic scenery with the beautifully designed A350, being treated to some very professional ATC coming into land! Such a beautiful flight which I would highly recommend to all; something not to miss - all viewable from the screen of my Tablet! Breath-taking! 🤙

Spawning in at KORD, I sat on the ground all alone but not for long because after only a short briefing I was up in the air climbing rapidly to my initial cruise today of 33,000ft. With that I left my device for a spot of dinner returning to merely check up on it before heading to bed and before I knew it hovering over Kenya itself to descend down with some truly fantastic ATC… Absolutely greasing the landing I taxied to parking; shut down my engines and did a lil spotting of incoming traffic! A really fantastic flight with a plane it feels like I haven’t used in forever. Wooohoo! 😎

I really do like these pics so without further ado - sit back, relax and enjoy the views! 🥰✌️

IFATC Team ❤️

@Georgios_P on Approach!
@Mafiaviation on Local!

Tower View! 📻

Catering on-board! 👨‍🍳

V1; Rotate 🛫

Geaaaaaarrrrrr Up! ⚙️

Overhead 👀

Final Approach 🚨

How many A350s does Ethiopian Airways have?
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17

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N121WS Going Around 🚀

Red over Blue 🚔

Ah yes the “Office” 🏢

A Parked Plane = A (happy) Bob 😎

I appreciate you all checking out my photos (especially you @Aviation108 hehe) this has been my whole day so a like and some feedback would mean a lot! Have a Fantastic Day everyone! Blue Skies and Tailwinds 👀✌️



That is horrible. HaTeD it.

Obviously, this was a joke. Super cool pictures and Happy April Fools Day :)

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Y’all who came early don’t judge my poor Geography skills haha!

Ikr this Cign guy is an idiot…

Means a lot! Happy April Fools! :) ❤️

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Check discord dum dum

Nice shots!

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What?! Aviation108 giving me a compliment? God its an April Fools joke isn’t it! Means a lot thanks bud! I couldn’t find enough tail action; I gotta keep that high standard photography! 🤪

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You stole these pics from my thread two weeks ago. Not cool bro.

All jokes aside, nice shots!

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Those are really great shots! 😍😍

And apologies for G/A
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You got me there lol; I was intrigued to see where it was going. Only to find I was being rickrolled; creative haha!

Means a lot thank you! ❤️ And the G/A was no problem I probably could have landed but it made for a damn awesome photo!


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