Ethiopian Gold | CYYZ - HAAB | Ethiopian Flight 553


Howdy, recently I did a flight from CYYZ (Toronto, CA) to HAAB (Addis Ababa, ET). The scenery on this route is incredible, and I highly recommend giving it a try! I’ve shared some photos below that I took en route, enjoy!

About the flight

The flight lasts about 13 hours, and you’re treated to a multitude of incredible scenery along the way. I captured over 100 photos from the flight; however, I can’t post all of them, nor would I want to… So instead, I have condensed it down to 7 of my favourite photos from the route; enjoy!

Extra Details

Airline: Ethiopian Airlines 🇪🇹
Aircraft A350-900
Flight time: Approximately 13 hours
Route: CYYZ - HAAB

A foggy departure from Toronto International (CYYZ)

A couple hours later and we pass over the hilly coastline of New Brunswick

A leap across the pond, and we get a gorgeous sunrise over the alps. 🌄

The famous Nile River. 🐊

Now in Ethiopia, you get some incredible canyon and mountain views on your approach! 🏔

And a smooth approach later we make our touchdown in Addis Ababa!


Wheels > doors

That’s all for this flight, although there is way more incredible scenery to to see on this route but wouldn’t end up fitting. I highly recommend trying this flight for yourself to fully experience it all! 10/10.

Also, if you get the chance, check out my instagram, which will be linked below as an image. Thanks for viewing, and let me know what you’re favourite shot was!

Peace ✌️

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People are about to go crazy for these photos…


Haha, hopefully 🤞. Thanks!

These photos, I don’t even know what to say. They are so good it should be illegal. Those 3rd and 4th are loading screen worthy.


Haha, I really appreciate those words. Thanks for viewing! That would be awesome if I could get one of these pictures as a loading screen.

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love long hauls
probably bc i don’t have time for short ones

Yeah, short hauls can be pain sometimes when you have to sit around for it. This is a great long haul to try, lots of scenery, and a perfect amount of time, give it a shot!

Thanks for viewing!

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Wow dude those are just mmmmmmm 👌👌👌

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Appreciate it! ❤️

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Why don’t you post the motion blur photo Johnny 😔

Wow! Great job mate

It would probably get taken down because of the dynamic lighting I added to it 😔… Although, maybe try and I’ll post regardless it in a separate topic tomorrow. 👀

Thank you @Elefanths!

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Nice scenic takeoff shot and the whole thing was also good👍

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Infinite flight need to add ur pics into the game

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how did you take the first shot?

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Thanks, it certainly is! I took the first shot using in game fog and the drone camera. You angle the camera under the aircraft as it flies overhead. The rest of it was cropping and editing.

@ilijabgc thank you! I’m glad you think so highly of these photos! Maybe I can get one of these photos submitted for a loading screen one of these days. 👀

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oh ok ima try that

Can u do more flights out of and into yyz pls?

Holy bump 😅 thanks, I guess

I’ll message you some more when I get the chance :)


Sounds good!

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