Ethiopian Airlines Plans New Addis Ababa Mega Airport

A couple of days ago, Ethiopian Airlines has announced plans of funding construction of a brand new airport to replace their main hub of Bole International Airport. Ethiopian believes that being the largest and most profitable airline in Africa, they will overgrow the capacity and what their main hub can currently handle within the next few years.

A new terminal had been built last year to accommodate the growing amount of passengers from 7 million to 22 million. Ethiopian, however, believes that this is still significantly lower than what they are expecting to reach by then, justifying the need for a new airport.

The project is believed to need outside funding, regardless of how much Ethiopian and the country’s government pays. One great candidate to help this is likely a Chinese company. China is heavily investing in Africa to develop the infrastructure, education, et cetera across the entire continent. The Import-Export bank of China had already funded the new terminal construction last year but it seems more companies will need to step in to fully fund the entire airport.

What do you think of this? Do you think they should go ahead with the plan?


Ethiopian Airlines is an airline which fascinates me. They’ve managed to capitalise on the grievances of their rivals(KQ,SAA) while developing themselves to a dominant carrier though ADD has been restricted in peak hours, the new airport will provide much needed relief. Nice to see a mega airport in Africa outside JNB. The future is bright.


Cool idea! The layout of HAAB’s runways and taxiways is irritating give you have to backtrack a LOT!

Glad to see this!

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I think so, this would help the Ethiopian economy to grow a lot!

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I like this idea. I’ve seen a few trip reports from Addis Ababa, and it is absolutely packed in the departure hall.

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That’s pretty true. You wouldn’t want a short connection there.

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