Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 and Boeing 737 MAX Groundings Tracking Thread

Very Sad. 😢

It honestly breaks my heart everytime I hear about an aviation related accident. To pass away from a plane crash, has to one of the most horrible and scary ways to part ways from this beloved planet we know as our home.

Just the thought of sutting in any vehicle really, and at a high speed collide and see you life flash right before in less than a second as you say goodbye to everything you once knew. It’s not a peaceful death.

As of now, we don’t have any confirmations on wether there are survivors, let alone any one who has hastheir final time on earth, so therefore, I Pray, I Pray for the best, that there are survivors, a miracle where everyone has survived. I don’t doubt the fact that such news may be revealed stating everyone alive. So I Pray, Pray for their well-being and hope, hope, hope that those in the aircraft has made it through 🤲


A 737/800 MAX…Again…
I hope those people survived 🙏🙏


Dreading to hear the casualties on board. All condolences to everyone involved, the quicker we find out the cause the better


I might just leave this here…


This is so sad to hear:( I know rescue teams and Ethiopian Airlines employees are on the way according to my local news source

My local news source


Oh no, I feel so bad 😖


My Picture of the plane Two weeks ago Takes off from Ben-Gurion Airport


It must be so hard for aviation. It is already a tragedy for relatives of passengers. We just can pray for now but i hope this crash wasn’t caused by technical issues of 737Max.

So many airline have bought 737Max and people will want to be sure about these 737Max models.

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No way, I too saw the Lion Air 737Max the night before it’s crash, I was actually really excited to see it and was waiting for it to come into view as I sat on a sunset beach, never knowing the horrific future that lie ahead…


Deepest condolences really hope everyone made it out alive (which is possible) and I am now officially sacred to fly on the max tomorrow

The plane was only three days ago At Ben-Gurion Airport It’s very sad to know The plane you saw crashed

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UPDATE all have passed on

33 countries have just lost citizenships sad



Some informations from Ethiopian’s twitter account


So no one survived:(

Additional info:
Elevation of terrain at last position is 8130 ft MSL.


I know right, it’s serious sad, 6 years ago I also boarded a Malaysia Airlines A380 off to London with my family, and back then I was absolutely obsessed with taking photos of planes rejos and storing them on my old IPhone. The aircraft parked next to us prior to take off had the rejo number MH370 on it. It is so depressing to think about and not good to dwell on over a period of time, I feel you sorrow bro ✌️😔


Nope not one sorry to being the bearer of the news

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Here we go again

Everyone, stop acting like aviation is getting dangerous, y’all are just not used to what a normal year looks like because 2017 was so safe

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And departure airport MSL is around 7600ft as well. Bear in mind all who are looking at flight radar data.

All please remember that 157 people have likely died this morning, please self moderate any comments accordingly.



no people lived I just said that

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