Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 and Boeing 737 MAX Groundings Tracking Thread

I agree. Southwest A220 might possibly end me.


This is not a Boeing Vs airbus thread. Please don’t turn it into one.

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Guys, we are now inside one of Boeing’s worst rough patches. But, every manufacturer has one. By the end of 2020, if there are no more failures found, this whole thing will blow over. Airbus has had similar instances of a new plane crashing because of design failure, the 3rd (?) A320 crashed because of a computer error. Sure, less people died in this disaster, but it hurt Airbus. At one point in their lives, every aircraft manufacturer suffers a rough patch. And for Boeing, the late 2010’s were one of those rough patches. Now after all this is solved, I can’t wait to see how Boeing will do in the coming years. Although bankruptcy doesn’t seem likely, let’s hope that Boeing recovers and continues to deliver the quality products we saw, and still see in their aircraft.


Small Update:

Southwest Airlines has quietly updated their safety cards to show only the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. This is to prevent confusion as many passengers would think that they are on the troubled plane.


That’s a big first

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Checkout my topic for information on the Southwest 737 MAX replacement solution

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In other news, American says it canceled 7,800 flights in the second quarter, resulting in a $185 million revenue hit.


Reports from Simple Flying say that the 737 MAX groundings will cost Boeing $4.9 billion.

And also:


It is better to just cancel the Boeing 737 Max program and start a new single isle model, stop using the 737 model that’s already 60 years old. I believe that even after the FAA approve the fix, it would take still longer for EASA to approve this flight, and only after EASA approved this, then will CAAC approve this. Regarding to the long time to get the 737 MAX to fly again worldwide, it would be better to develop a new plane.
P.S. That’s because of what I previously said that the EASA said the FAA is a “rubber stamp”. The EASA recently refused again to re-fly the 737 MAX the same time as the United States.


Well, after the 737MAX there was supposed to be the Boeing Yellowstone projects’s narrowbody aircraft. I’m pretty sure Boeing will wait until the 737 max is started to be retired before pursuing that option.

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Southwest has recently announced that they will not fly the MAX until January 5, 2020. In addition, they are also leaving Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR/KEWR) and will increase their presence at LaGuardia (LGA/KLGA). This is due to the MAX crisis and the losses at EWR, so Southwest would want to reduce their losses as possible. As a result, they feel like leaving Newark would be the best option. This would go into effect on November 3.


Its gotta make Boeing feel bad when they see their loyal customers keep pushing back the date that they expect them to have this issue fixed.

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Tbh, this is sad I really like the Max but I’ve lost hope in the Aircraft and I doubt it will fly again.😞 in which Airbus has slid into first place for me. Moving the max to 4th

The MAX will fly. The Concorde, DC-10, and 747 (remember that united cargo door that ripped off?) flew again.

Those aircraft minus the DC10 aren’t really related. Besides that was when air travel wasn’t as safe, now it’s not fairly common that an air accident happens.


Yeah, but saying the 737 MAX will never fly again is just incorrect.

It most likely will fly again but some people think it’s better for it to not fly again, Ryanair are changing their MAX’s to not have the MAX name/logo on them ND instead will call them 737-2800 so that people might think it’s not a max and they won’t lose many customers.

Just came in yesterday:

While the airline already has 26 737 MAX in its fleet, China Southern Airlines has suspended its order for the remaining 64 planes that were ordered.

At the same time, Air Canada announced that their 737 MAX fleet will remain grounded until January 2020 as well. They follow the decision Southwest has made a couple days ago.


The China Southern cancellation was recently announced as misinformation. A few sites like Simple Flying have deleted or corrected their posts.


Update: my flight from Miami to Quito this November on AA was scheduled to be on a 737 MAX, but this morning our flights were officially switched to a 757 :(

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