Ethiopian Airlines CEO: Launching a New Airline in Africa

Sam Chui had a interview with Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Tewolde GebreMariam

In early December, Ethiopian will start a new carrier in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with a fleet of 10 aircraft. The carrier will be named Air Congo.

He noted that the DRC presented a significant market opportunity, as the country boasts the third-largest population in Africa with 100 million inhabitants. Elsewhere, Ethiopian is also involved in the launch of a new airline in Zambia which is set to launch on 1st December. “We have the AOC, the aircraft—51% will be held by the government and 49% by us,” the CEO said.

Describing Ethiopian Airlines’ role, GebreMariam said his carrier is able to bring in all the necessary support to get a new airline off the ground; this includes aircraft, pilots, technicians and leadership.

Lufthansa Group of Africa

“The driver for such a group of airlines is not the return on investment. It is to support our hub Addis Ababa (ADD),” he said. “We want to expand inter-African routes further, because the connectivity [within the continent] is still not well. Ethiopian Airline is like the Lufthansa Group of Africa. Lufthansa has airlines like SWISS, Austrian etc.”

Future Route Plans

When asked about route planning, GebreMariam said a new service from Abidjan in the Ivory Coast to Washington Dulles would be coming soon. He also namechecked Houston, Amsterdam and Amman as future destinations , adding that there are talks ongoing with the Canadians to start Montreal flights via Dublin.

“Ethiopian Airlines is profitable, we are taking aircraft orders, paying all our loans with interest and lessors and we like to continue this way,” GebreMariam said.

Source: Interview with Ethiopian Airlines CEO: Launching a New Airline in Africa


Wow, that’s amazing!

Love to see new airline running!

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i wonder what type of fleets are they going to start with.

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Considering Ethiopian is involved mainly, I’d go with 738s for inter-Africa

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i’ll bet for A220 or A320/1 Neo’s


Love to see it! Let’s hope the airline does not suffer the same fate of Hewa Bora.

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“The fleet will comprise De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400s, Boeing 737s and two 787s”

Source: Same as post.


@Ethiopian_Virtual IRL company going hard? Extensions soon?!!!

my bad. i missed that part 🤦‍♂️

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As an Ethiopian myself I do support this idea 100% as the air connections in the African continent isn’t as good as others. I’m looking forward to seeing this new airline in the skies in the very near future 🔥


This is wonderful news!! The continent of Africa really needs more connections

Speaking of Ethiopian Airline, they are considering another widebody aircraft order

Source: Simple Flying

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Don’t really like Sam chui now as it feels more like he’s flexing on you and the cabin crew fell diffrent from when I flew with the exact same airline but I still whatch the occasional video or two.


That airline won’t last long. Too much corruption in DRC.

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A lot ot countries with successful flag carriers have corruption as well, and I doubt that Ethiopian would invest a lot for an airline just for it to fail.


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