Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Boeing 777F

Would like to see this livery in Infinite Flight
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to CF Yuen
Share your thoughts and opinions about the livery

  • Yes, I would like to see this
  • Nah, I don’t like it

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Thats a nice image and livery :D

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It was took on Hong Kong, no wonder why the image is awesome! And also the livery made it even better!

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I’m almost certain I made a topic on this before but I can’t find it anywhere.
EDIT: just found it, it was closed recently

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I’d love to see this :)

Lol it’s so obvious that it’s Hong Kong… Those high rise buildings :X

AFAIK those buildings are located near Tung Chung. South of Chek Lap Kok:)

Lol why of course… You have the Tung Chung Line overlapping the Airport Express Line :3

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