Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

i just dont live near a airport

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It’s the best of fun I’d be there for hours on end 😀

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btw can you look at my post?

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and the Ethiopian Airlines B737 max 8 would be cool


Oh wow brand new!
13 MAX 8 aircraft now to 14 in ET fleet.
Thanks for bringing this up🙏


We don’t have 738NG livery in our fleet, and since we are among the first carriers in the world to fly the MAX 8, and the largest user in Africa.

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We never said it was anyone’s fault

Words fails me. I’m going to keep this simple &brief in plain English.

Boeing was complict and they admitted as such after a thorough investigation. The incident involving Lion Air 610 Max 8 fatal crash had the same characteristics & cause therefore like for like same circumstances. That’s down to The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) employed into the flight control systems on MAX 8. Pilots was not even aware or had very little knowledge of.

Boeing was found at fault for the two fatal MAX 8 crash accidents & forced to pay billions of dollars in compensation.

So can we get the livery or argue fault?

Both were at fault because the pilots were trained on the procedures to recover. Boeing made a flawed system.

Let’s keep the push on the livery which would be nice to see added to an airline that flies the fleet exclusively.

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Definitely need this livery!

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Not quite sure bout this one


Don’t know about this one tho…

These are very weird comments, to say we should not have a livery because of a plane crash is like saying we should not have United and American livery in IF after the tragedy of 9/11.

I respect the opinions but to solely vote because of that incident is obtuse.


Agreed. It’s unnecessary to have those kind of replies since it can harm a feature request.

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Would love to do short hauls out of HAAB with this.

And to everyone saying this shouldn’t be added because of ET302, then by your logic, we would have to get rid of a livery in IF every time there’s a crash. Two examples here:

  • Ukraine Int’l Flight 752 - January 8, 2020 - B737-800 (Plane in IF)
  • Malaysia Flight 17 - July 17, 2014 - B777-200ER (Plane also in IF)

Neither of these glorify and/or celebrate that a crash happened, and neither will the Ethiopian livery on the upcoming MAX. If Ethiopian can bring the MAX back into service irl, why can’t it be on a flight simulator?