Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800

What great livery. We need to appreciate the biggest airline in all of Africa. Ethiopian Airlines.

Oh la la, if we’re getting United’s new livery on the 737, then we should have this one too!

Just bumping this up again as it has been a while, also hopefully now with the 773 rework the Ethiopian 773 will be added :) :)

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I mean, this isn’t Yam dreaming. Pop a logo on the tail and you’ve already halfway finished it. And also Ethiopian is the biggest airline by every stat you can imagine, so it will be good to see it in the next 20.2(0) update

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yes I 1000000% agree :) :)

Recently I have been flying round Ethiopia and Africa in the generic 737, and I noticed that it would be so much better with the livery! Some routes like Addis Ababa - Juba and Mogadishu are extremely unique and beautiful to fly, it’s a shame we didn’t see this with 20.1!

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Yea, I know right. Also I flew that route like 2 days ago lol. You should check out ETVA if you like soaring the african skies :)


we DON’T have this??? I LITERALLY WENT INTO IF TO FLY A ETHIOPIAN 737 and boom…

Definitely need this in IF cause we’re missing so many routes with this beauty. Maybe 21.1 could surprise us?


Bumping this, would unlock a lot of routes including a lot of African Fifth Freedom routes

I wish I could vote, but i’m out!

Would love to see this for flying around Africa

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Yes and more African liveries! Like South african Airways and Congo Airways A320

🤤🤤 yosss

I want to see this so bad 😰 getting kinda boring flying all the gorgeous ETH 737-800 routes with a generic livery…