Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800

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Hello everyone! I was hoping that more Ethiopian Airlines liveries could be added to Infinite Flight. I was hoping for the entire fleet if possible. Thanks so much for reading this!

Boeing 737-800

By Kenneth Iwelumo on Wikimedia Commons

Hi there. According to the #features guidelines, you should only request one livery in a topic. Additionally, please only use one picture. Thank you! :)


Okay, thank you I will modify it.

Would be a great livery with a 737 rework.


Ethiopian is currently the largest airline in Africa, and is expanding its route network. They have one of those liveries that looks great on pretty much every aircraft.

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I know right, and the livery hasn’t changed too significantly over the years. It’s pretty much timeless.

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Hopefully this comes in the 737 update, it’s has split schism ;)

Wouldn’t mind it.

I like the livery

Love that livery! I voted for it!


Does anyone know if there’s any plan to add this? Kenya Airways or Rwandair would be nice, to add to the African liveries.


Among the liveries i think is missing in IF.
Hope to see this added one day :)

This livery sometimes misses the simulator a lot. It would be nice to have a B738 for medium routes in Ethiopia.


The amount of routes you can do in this…

Why has this not been added to the sim yet?

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Agreed. Flied it myself in October 2019 (Addis Abeba - Victoria Falls) and their 737-7/8s flies so many routes all over Africa. We need this for sure!

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Another bump.

There have been way too many long haul aircraft in Ethiopian’s fleet that exists Infinite Flight and I think we should calm down with that. There are so many routes on Ethiopian that involves short-haul aircraft and with the amount of long haul Ethiopian liveries in the sim, it just feels repetitive and lacks opportunities for people to fly around in Africa, even when they have a limited time. That’s where this aircraft comes to play. I’ll bring out a map of potential routes and maybe that can encourage some people to vote :^)


Voted for this. I was scrolling through the features category and I just found this now.
This week I had a strong urge to fly in Africa coz I haven’t discovered many airports there yet. So I chose to do a route from HAAB on a 737 and when looking for the Ethiopian livery, to my surprise it wasn’t there lol (I always assumed it was there)

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Voted! We definitely need this livery in Infinite Flight because there many routes which operated by Ethiopian’s B738 😍


Yes! Let’s get this in the sim next time the 737 gets touched!

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This looks like a great addition and it is such a nice plane, it would also be good to have for Ethiopian Virtual :)

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