Ethiopian Airlines B777-200LR confirmed!

The dreadful iOS wait. The struggle is real.


How much time do you have to wait approximately?

Didn’t Apple say the reviewing process is shorter.


Almost a week after android.

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It drives me nuts.

Patience yields great results though.

Something like that I read too…

True, it’s worth the wait.

Read that too. Its somewhere on the forum.

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Nothing is ever short when it comes to reviewing big apps.

Reached 32 comments in just half an Hour

When it comes to new liveries, everyone unites.

That’s great!

I’m waiting for the next livery patiently.

I don´t believe you to be honest.

What a great addition to the 777-200LR!

Each new livery is welcomed.

So how may new liveries have been confirmed for the LR? How many for the 3ER, and have any been confirmed for the 2ER and 2F?

None for the 200ER, three for the 300ER, three for the -200F, and some I think three for the -200LR.

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Hoping Hard United (Continental aka Post-merger), Scoot, and SIA will got Their -200ER next!

Triple 3 for other variants ;)