Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A350XWB Cabin Review

Here is my review of the Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A350XWB

This aircraft was 6 days old when I flew on it, and is Ethiopian’s second A350XWB


Looks way better then the B787!


It really was! The A350 is much more spacious and comfortable!

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It looks very comfortable, but the service was not that good.

I like those big screens, hoping to fly in it one day.

I prefer boeing, but I gotta agree with you on this.


Nice review! It’s amazing how quiet the plane is.

It was comfy indeed!! Was a shame that the crew were very slow

The screens were great! Its a great plane to fly on

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Glad you liked it!! It is so quiet!!

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Yeah great review. I would like to see more coming from you

Thanks!!! No more cabin reviews, but lots more aviation videos on my channel!

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I’ll subscribe.

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