Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A350-900

Ethiopian Airlines, formerly Ethiopian Air Lines and often referred to as simply Ethiopian, is Ethiopia’s flag carrier and is wholly owned by the country’s government. EAL was founded on 21 December 1945 and commenced operations on 8 April 1946, expanding to international flights in 1951.

The reason why i would like the livery to be added to IF is because we are lacking in terms of Ethiopian Airlines aircraft and because i think it looks good on the aircraft and i also like how the logo fits nice into the winglets

i have searched and there have been no topics regarding this

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I would personally wait until the A350 is added to Infinite Flight before posting this. But that is my opinion though. Great request though!

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The IF developers don’t know the physics of this aircraft and that the reason we won’t see it soon in IF. And that why to won’t get my vote

If you still want to see the 350 in IF soon you can vote here

Hey to add on, this is a duplicate of the following, but it is quite old.

i searched and there was nothing @2003iggy maybe its this acer laptop i am using

Their shouldn’t be any livery requests for a plane that doesn’t exist in IF. As @rubinedan pointed out, you can vote for the A350XWB on that thread. However I have to agree with you, that Ethiopian livery looks fantastic:).


Hey I love this livery!


Let’s hope we can see this when the A350 is released!


Me too. I would be so elated to see it in IF.


I hope this stunning livery will be added with a350!

So what about the 787x you haven’t heard about that?

I think our first goal is to get the A350. Then maybe we can work on the liveries??

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Don’t we always ask for aircraft liveries before it gets added? 🤔


Since we have A350 confirmation, we can request liveries for it 😁

P.S. Voted. It would be awesome to have this livery in the Ethiopian Virtual’s fleet :)


If an FNF will be based in Africa, I will fly the real life route from FAOR to FACT with this aircraft!

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Giving this a little push!!

Beautiful livery and needs to be added!

Got my vote!


Also got my vote!! I mean just look at the colors!



As one of the most prominent African liveries, I’m hopeful to see it introduced.


Ethiopian Virtual will be so fortunate if this livery is added.


This really needs to be part of IF. It’s the most prominent African livery among all A350s