Ethiopian airlines 777-300ER

i love it these one and all 777-300ER


I like it!

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How was this not requested ?! I love all these African livery requests, wish FDS had placed more of them in the sim …

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I don´t like it but i love @Wattsup_jet ,i dont know why @Joshua_Fleming no one request before i do i was suprised when i searched i couldn’t find it.

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I also was 100% sure this was a duplicate so I quickly went to have a look , but couldn’t find anything. Glad it has been requested now !

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I m glad i have requested its an amazing airplane the 777-300ER.

Wonderful livery, but unfortunately this is a duplicate. I advise you to search before posting :)

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To be fair I thought this was also a duplicate and searched and found nothing …

That search bar ! 😕

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these topic its old and i didn´t find in my searching bare.

Yeah , but sadly it still is a valid feature request. Don’t worry I feel your frustration as i have also been failed by the search bar, a few times now 🙄.