Ethiopian Airlines 767-360(ER) [Star Alliance Livery]

Ethiopian Airlines 767-360(ER) [ET-ALO]

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Ethiopian Airlines | Boeing 767-300ER | ET-ALO | Star Alli… | Flickr

Ethiopian Airlines, or የኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ, is Ethiopia’s flag carrier and is owned by the country’s government completely. The airline currently has 112 aircraft in its fleet and flies to many places around the world including Delhi, Singapore, and London.

Ethiopian Airlines operates mainly out of Addis Ababa, but operates fifth-freedom flights for certain routes in its comprehensive network. To fly to these destinations, they operate the 777, 757, 767, 737, 787, A350, and the Q400.

The aircraft I am requesting is the Star Alliance livery, which I believe looks amazing on this 767! I hope you like the livery and vote for it!

More Information

Ethiopian Airlines:

The 767-300ER

Make sure to drop a vote if you like the beautiful livery!

Voted! Star Alliance + Ethiopian Airlines = must have livery in IF!


Thanks for voting @Feurum and @Bangkok_VTBS!

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Wow it looks amazing

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Thanks for your vote @Yusif_Kimeisua

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Mini Bump!
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Excellent livery. We actually need more special liveries, especially Star Alliance, Oneworld or even Skyteam liveries, not just only standard liveries.
More than that, the Star Alliance livery of Ethiopian Airlines for the 767 might be added once the 767 is fully reworked.

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Yes, the livery really is amazing. I also love Star Alliance and would love to have some more of their liveries. If you ever have one free, I hope this is a livery you vote for if you ever have one free 🙃

Did you know that Ethiopian Airlines was the first African carrier to order the 767, all the way back in 1982? Click that blue “vote” button if you’d like to see this beauty in Infinite Flight!

Wouldn’t this be an amazing livery to have for a day like tomorrow, when Ethiopian’s hub is featured on the ATC schedule? Click that vote button and we may see it in Infinite Flight!

Before liverys think we need a 767 rework l then comes out with liverys 😉