Ethiopian Airlines - 70th Anniversary 1946-2016

I liked these video i hope you guys will appreciate watching too .


I’ve always been interested in Ethiopian Airlines, and why it is so successful, despite being one of the 30 poorest countries on earth.


Very glad they have progressed through the pass of the years.


If only SAA would take lesson from their success …


i hope in the feature they will but only SAA can decide if they really want that .

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SAA doesn’t seem too bad. They’re operating out of a hot and high airport with very demanding range requirements that ET might not have. ADD is pretty high, but ET doesn’t have SAA’s range requirements.

ET doesn’t have the clowns that are on the excutive board of SAA who are only interested in their own pockets rather then the airline …

SAA is only staying afloat due to the bail outs given by the South African government.SAA has made some terrible mistakes in the past and this suffering the repercussions. If you want a good laugh take a look at their Face Book page !

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A South African Carrier advertising Kenya!


Tell me about it…😦

It’s great to see you gotta admit! In all honesty one of the first times I’ve heard about them

Such an inspiring story, they really do lead other airlines.

It was Ethiopia airlines who gets the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Africa.

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They also got the first A350 is Africa :)


yea absolutely that is why they have alot of customer , they know how to attract .

A very good read , just read it this morning …

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