Ethiopia to the Comoros via Tanzania in an A350

1) Background to the photos

I haven’t had much time to fly recently, but this evening I decided to take a cue from the suggested routes on the Expert ATC schedule and fly an Ethiopian Airlines A350 from HAAB (Addis Ababa) to HTDA (Dar es Salaam). However, as my chosen flight (ET865) continues to FMCH (Moroni, in the Comoros), I made it a two-leg trip.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

My flight was on Expert Server at around 19:00 GMT, although I set the local time to 09:45 for departure from HAAB, and advanced it again about an hour while on the ground at HTDA so I could match the real world flight timings.

I took off from HAAB runway 07R, and made a right turn of nearly 180° for a SHALA 1A departure, turning south after passing the airport. My route at FL370 then took me across southern Ethiopia and eastern Kenya, passing over Mombasa and its airport HKMO. I then continued south over the coast and on towards Zanzibar, descending towards Dar es Salaam.

I used the UVUKO 1A arrival into HTDA, flying a right downwind and base before turning onto final for runway 05. There was a Dash 8 doing patterns, and a company A350 inbound some way behind me flying much the same flight plan.

After a short stop on the ground, a lightening of the passenger and cargo load and a bit of refuelling, I headed back to runway 05 as the other ET A350 landed. After takeoff I executed a KISIR 1A departure to put me on a southeast track towards the Comoros, taking advantage of the light load to climb quickly to FL330.

As Mount Karthala on the Comorian island of Ngazidje (also known as Grande Comore) appeared in the distance I started my descent for a VABIT 1M arrival into FMCH runway 02. This culminated with a beautiful turn over the city of Moroni for the final approach, and after landing a backtrack was needed to reach the airport’s small apron.

All in all a very pleasant flight, with an amazing variety of scenery along the way.

3) Photos


Stunning pictures mate!

Did I just see clouds, eh?

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Nice photos! The A350 is so beautiful (plus all its liveries)

I see you got alpha footage of clouds (photo 3) 😁 😂

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That is probably the most detailed second part I’ve ever seen, and easily one of the best, kudos to you! Stunning photos too, beautiful part of the world.


Ah yes, it’s great to see another livery of the A350 which doesn’t get featured too often…great pics showcasing it too’

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