Ethiopia to Gabon: A Transcontinental Journey

Performed an early-morning flight from Ethiopia to a country most of the community probably has never flown to, Gabon. This is part of my long-term goal of visiting every country in the world (currently at 65/190, I’m in no rush).

Addis Ababa to Libreville (a real-life route flown by Ethiopian wide-bodies)
Airbus A350-900
3.8 hours
Expert Server

Waiting for a company 787 to taxi by before pushing back from the gate:

Company 787 rotating into the sky on a long journey to Fortaleza, Brazil, as I begin my back taxi:

Holding short for an Aeroflot A330 on short final:

My A350 used the majority of the 12,000 foot runway for this relatively short flight due to Addis Ababa’s elevation and derated thrust. We paid for it all, we’re using it all!

But thanks to its amazing performance, the A350 maintained a steep climb directly to FL400, with a mid-flight step climb to FL420.

Quickly ascending into the sky above the beautiful Ethiopian landscape:

Descending over the lush green forests of Gabon into a foggy Libreville:

Touchdown! Right on the marks, doesn’t get much better than that:

Libreville is a small airport. Despite receiving Ethiopian and Air France wide-bodies, along with 737s from far away, it has only 2 gates with jetbridges and a runway less than 10,000 feet with a back taxi at both ends.
Thus, we applied full reverse thrust and strong braking in order to make an exit halfway down the runway and avoid the back taxi. Luckily the A350 has excellent short-field performance.

This was a nice short wide-body flight, in a part of the world many don’t fly in much. The A350 is a pleasure to fly; its wing allows for strong climb performance, as well as a landing speed comparable to the 737-700 and A320.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


I love the lens flare, as well as some of the scenery you passed. Great photos!

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