Ethan_Brown's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

RSKI open
Ground and Tower
Training Server
Take Off Runways 15R,16
Landing Runways 16,15L


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Ethan_Brown’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

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Feedback (N2446K):

  • When I first contacted you, I requested a transition. A Transition is what an aircraft requests if they want to fly through your airspace, but aren’t departing or arriving. The way you find the correct altitude is as follows: Airport elevation + 2500, rounded up to the nearest 500. (For example: RKSI. 22ft + 2500 = 2522ft. Rounded up to the nearest 500 gives you a transition altitude of 3000ft). I recieved 2000ft, then 1000ft, both of which are too low for RKSI.

  • During my transition, you instructed me to enter a downwind for runway 15L. This isn’t applicable because as a transition, I’m not landing at RKSI

  • When I announced inbound, you gave me a clearance directly. Remember: when an aircraft annouces inbound, you MUST give a pattern entry + sequence (if 2 or more aircraft on that runway) + clearance.

  • when I was on short final, you instructed me to contact ground. I dont know if it was a fingerslip or what, but aircraft in the air should never be on a ground frequency

  • I requested a change to runway 16 on my second pattern. While a left downwind pattern entry works, a right downwind would have been better so I don’t conflict with the 15L pattern

  • late clearance on my second pattern. Again, I would have also preferred a right pattern to not conflict with the 15s

  • late runway exit around 50kts. Aim to give an runway exit command around 70-80kts for jet aircraft

That’s all my feedback from today! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

(I recommend giving the ATC manual a thorough read, to familiarize yourself with how to manage patterns, transitions, runway changes, etc.)

@IF787 Sorry can you PM me

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RKSI now closed here are my session stats

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Othh now closed

RJTT open
Runways in use 16L,16R
Training Server
Ground and Tower

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RJTT now closed

Opening at KLAX
Training Server
Runways in use
Takeoff 25R,24L
Landing 25L,25R,24R
Tower and Ground

Quick tip: I would highly recommend not controlling the busiest airports, as people can be trolling or the traffic could overwhelm you as a controller

LAX now closed

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I am just trying to get to 500 operations to join IFATC

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