Ethan_Brown’s Scenery Editing Thread

Hello aviators and Infinite Flight users I thought it would make this thread to showcase the airports that I’ve built for Infinite Flight. I hope you all enjoy.

Airport Code Airport Name Status Type of Editing Collaborators
F69 Air Park Dallas Released in 22.7 3D
TUPA Virgin Gorda Released in 22.8 3D
KACT Waco Regional Released in 23.1 3D
TUPA Anegada/Auguste George Released in 23.1 3D
KTKI McKinney National Released in 23.2 3D
KSWI Sherman Municipal Released in 24.1 3D
TUPJ Terrance B Lettsome Released in 24.1 3D
7F3 Caddo Mills Municipal Released in 24.2 3D
KPRX Paris Cox Field Released in 24.2 3D
KGYI North Texas Regional Released in 24.2 2D Only
KHQZ Mesquite Metro Released in 24.2 2D Only
KGKY Arlington Municipal Ready for Release 3D @Asneed8706
TISX Henry E Rohlsen OR 3D
KTCC Tucumcari Municipal Ready for Release 3D
TIST Cyril E King OR 3D @Asneed8706
KDTS Destin Executive OR 3D
KTRL Terrell Municipal WIP 3D

Who want to see some WIP Shots

KGKY is now ready for release in the next update


Lovely tracking thread! Excited to see what airports will come in the future 👀.

WIP shot of Tucumcari New Mexico


WIP Shot of TISX St.Croix US Virgin Islands


Great to see it Ethan!


Here’s a WIP of the hangars at KDTS, this is subject to change


Lots of major progress on KDTS today

Atlantic Aviation North

Atlantic Aviation South

Whole airport overview


I had to pause here for a bit to process the impression that this does for some reason feel like New Mexico.

I then I came back and thought: “where the heck is Tucamcari?”

Not sure where that is but this hit me suddenly:

“And I’ve been from Tucson to Tucumcari
Tehachapi to Tonopah
Driven every kind of rig that’s ever been made
Driven the backroads so I wouldn’t get weighed”

Tucumcari is in New Mexico! Finally connecting those dots. Thanks for this!

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Yep, my grandparents live in ABQ and we pass Tucumcari every time we drive to their house, I always noticed the VOR and the airport out there and I decided to build it

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We used to travel through ABQ often when I was a kid but beyond that we mostly stuck to the west and northern parts of the state. I’ll be sure to check it out! Great to hear your connection with it.

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KDTS Looks great cant wait to fly into with JSX!

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What airport should I do next

  • KTRL Terrell Texas
  • PAGY Skagway Alaska
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The poll will be closed in 1 week

Destin is complete and has been sent to review


South FBO

KDTS with Eglin Air Force Base in the background


I just learned that I will be going on an Alaskan cruise in July and it stops in Skagway, for the moment I have decided to build Terrell and I will build Skagway after the cruise so i can get some pictures while I’m there.

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Here’s a WIP of Arlington Municipal

This is the Bell helicopter factory, which you might know because it is where the Osprey is built, this building was built by @Asneed8706